4,382 dead yesterday! America is dying from ignorance on its citizens. The diabetes epidemic will put thousands of Americans to an early grave in a single day. Dr. Oz calls it a silent killer, and Time Magazine says it’s the fastest killer worldwide, but why is this metabolic disorder killing so many people?

In this article, we will examine the effects of three death drinks, their impact on diabetes risk, and how even though your health may be OK now, drinking them today can cause pain and suffering down the road.

1. Diet Soda

Even though “diet” soda might sound like it’s OK to drink because there is no real sugar in it, don’t be fooled. There are two reasons why anyone with blood sugar issues like diabetes or even pre-diabetes should stay away from drinking diet soda.

First, it tricks your pancreas into thinking that sugar is in your body, which then releases insulin into your bloodstream. The problem with that is there is no sugar for the insulin to attach to, and now you have excess insulin in your bloodstream. Once this happens, your body starts to crave real sugar until it’s satisfied. If you have ever drank a large diet soda and shortly afterward you got the urge to chase it down with a king-sized Snickers bar, then you know what I’m talking about here.

Unopposed insulin (insulin with no sugar to bind to) is a fat-making hormone, which makes your body store fat. So while there may be no sugar in that diet soda, you feel the urge to eat sugar anyway just to satisfy your cravings. By doing this day after day, week after week — your pancreas will start to sputter, and your cells will become insulin resistant. This is the very definition of Type 2 diabetes and the beginning of a nightmare, difficult lifestyle, and early grave. Once you get Type 2 diabetes, you’re looking at the real possibility of amputations, kidney failure, blurred vision, blindness, high risk of heart attack, and sudden stroke. The good news? You can stop what you’re doing and reverse Type 2 diabetes right now with the right program I have developed in my office.

2. Low-Fat Milk

You may be surprised to learn that sugar is added to low-fat milk to make up for the flavor they removed with the whole fat milk. By not having that milk fat, your “stop eating” hormone doesn’t get triggered, so you’ll eat more calories. A good alternative would be nut milk like almond milk or coconut milk.

3. Fruit Juice

If you drink fruity 10% juice drinks with no pulp or roughage, it will go straight into your bloodstream and skyrocket your blood sugar, increasing your insulin. Interesting fact: Anybody that has low blood sugar with hypoglycemia, one way to raise their blood sugar quickly is to drink one of these juices, like bottled orange juice. It will immediately raise their blood sugars back up.

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