The Solutions4 Concept

Solutions4 stemmed from the idea that humans are inextricably and concurrently spiritual, physical, mental, and emotional beings, and that whatever affects a single aspect of one’s being will ultimately and in some measure affect all. We began with a core foundation of products and programs that remain an integral part of the Solutions 4 line. We recognized the medical center as a place that can provide not only programs for health, but for the entire Internal and external being. A place providing education in how the body works, and in how lifestyle affects the way we look and feel, as well as long term wellness. We saw the opportunity to make a substantial contribution to a patient’s overall happiness and well-being. We saw a way to increase and expand the abilities and profitability of medical wellness centers, through education, complete programs, and quality products.

The offerings of Solutions4 truly reach a unique niche in the industry.

Our unique Body Contouring Wrap is second to none. It can be used for detoxifying the liquid waste system of the body, inch loss and cellulite reduction, or as a part of a Lifestyle Change Program.

Our natural skin care line includes not only the proven products that we began with in 1981, but is continually updated as new ingredients are shown to create natural, positive and lasting results.

When we started, Detoxification was a concept that was misunderstood and little known. Now that Detoxification has become common and is seen as a necessary part of the health regime of many, our original program remains a respected and proven system of body cleansing and is the foundation of all of our Lifestyle Change Programs.

Doctors that carry Solutions4 programs have the ability to cater to a variety of issues. Wellness, Fibromyalgia, Weight Loss, Immune Recovery, Hormone Balancing, Candida, and Arthritis are among the many individual programs that we offer to help individuals find health and wellness in the medical setting.

All products and programs tap into the body’s ability to renew,
cleanse, and heal itself. We don’t use chemicals or drugs that
so often temporarily provide results while ultimately creating
problems in the long run. Health and renewal comes from
within, and Solutions4 and its partnering medical centers
are the key to helping patients find and use this great power.

Beneficial International and Solutions4

Beneficial International began in 1981 and in 2008, the Doctors Only line of products and programs became known as Solutions4, allowing this division to grow within its niche of Solutions4 Medical Centers. Currently, our products and programs are being used throughout the United States and many other countries. We have an unparalleled personal relationship with our doctors, as we desire them to have the knowledge and education to represent the Solutions4 line with confidence and success. We are truly an international force in the field of natural healing, wellness and beauty.

The Beneficial and Solutions4 headquarters are located just west of downtown Salt Lake City, Utah, surrounded by the majestic Wasatch and Oquirrh Mountains, the western border of the Rocky Mountain range. The area is a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts and those with an appreciation for beauty and nature. In the Southern part of the state, we find inspiration in the beautiful red rocks and natural arches in five National Parks.

The Solutions4 corporate staff is committed to the vision of the company. Our educators work tirelessly to train doctors about Solutions4 through seminars and industry trade shows. Our outside Advisory Board is a distinguished group, composed of some of the most knowledgeable professionals in the fields of business, medicine, nutrition, herbs, and other natural remedies. The group has made its combined expertise available in unique ways to management and to our educators. We acknowledge with deep gratitude their invaluable guidance and counsel, which continues to help chart the company’s rise in the field of health and nutrition.

Commitment to Quality

Whether in research, manufacturing, product quality control, or education programs, our commitment to excellence is unsurpassed. Beneficial/Solutions4 cherishes the public’s confidence in the company, its products, its programs, and its training network of educators. The company seeks always to honor that confidence by meticulous planning and by adhering to the most exacting standards.

We strive to provide an environment of scientific inquiry. Our formulators are simultaneously original and innovative, and we continue to add new groundbreaking products as they become available and are shown to be safe, natural, effective, and fit within our vision of helping the body to heal, renew and improve itself.

All ingredients and manufacturing processes are subjected to constant surveillance by a quality control system, which provides critical analysis at every stage of production. Rigid adherence to these well-defined procedures is the consumer’s assurance of safety and quality.


Dr. Linda T. Nelson
CEO Beneficial International/Solutions4

Wallace V. Nelson
Beneficial International