The Solutions4 Difference

It is our obsessive commitment to quality that sets Solutions4 apart from every other supplement company.  We’re passionate about sourcing the highest quality ingredients and delivering them in the most beneficial way possible.

We insist on plants that are organically and responsibly grown.  We actually harvest most of our ingredients locally so we can supervise the growing conditions, drying methods, and production processes for every ingredient, every time.

We run exacting laboratory tests to determine whether each herb has retained its medicinally active components.  Before we release an ingredient to be used in any product, it has to pass these rigorous test three times (a standard called triple redundancy).  These tests help S4 guarantee that the naturally potent constituents never vary from batch to batch, and that the active ingredients retain their potency throughout the product’s shelf life.

We package our herbs in special vegetable-based capsules that maximize the digestibility of the final product.  Unlike cheaply made tablets, S4 supplement capsules contain absolutely no binders or fillers.  They release their active ingredients within minutes.

We know Solutions4 products are the best of the best, because we monitor their quality at every step.  You’re getting 100% organic, perfectly potent, honestly herbal goodness in every formulation.  We’re proud to deliver Solutions4 products to licensed clinical professionals nationwide.

We insist on plants that are organically and responsibly grown.