Hello, everyone! It’s Dr. Singleton here. Thank you for joining me today! So, years ago, I had an employee that worked in Arizona, who told me that they have a practice with a nurse practitioner. The patients would come in like once a week to get vitamin B12 shots because they said they needed more energy. So I told Dr. Wallace Nelson (CEO of S4), we need to come up with something for B12 that’s not a shot, that patients can actually use and carry with them in their purse. Not their wallet, but their purse. Sure enough, Dr. Wallace Nelson formulated the S4 Vitamin B12 sublingual and it’s methylcobalamin, that dissolves in your mouth.

Putting B12 to the Test

I remember years ago when we came up with this, we had a presenter here during one of our seminars. Before the seminar, Dr. Wallace Nelson came up to me and gave me the S4 Vitamin B12 supplement. Then I decided that I was going to test them that day at the seminar. So I gave two to the presenter, whom I’ve known for many years, and all of a sudden he was going crazy. He had all this energy. I mean, that’s a single-blind study right there if you ask me because he didn’t know what he took. After his presentation, he asked me what I had given him because he said he suddenly had all this energy. I told him it was the new B12’s and he immediately asked for more.

But you may want to be careful with your kids! I remember one time my son, who was probably 15 at the time, was eating the S4 Vitamin B12 because they tasted so good. He comes up to me, he says, “Dad, I got a headache”. I said, “what have you been doing?” He responded, “well, I’ve been eating these” and shows me the S4 Vitamin B12 bottle. “How many did you have?” I said. He told me “I don’t know, maybe six or eight or something”. Vitamin B12 is water-soluble, so I said, “let’s drink a bunch of water” and he was fine.

Vitamin B12 Benefits and Deficiency Symptoms

Vitamin B12 is known as the energy vitamin and is extremely important for our bodies, especially for the function of the brain and the nervous system. B12 is huge for the formation of red blood cells. It helps metabolize every cell in the human body, especially affecting DNA synthesis and regulation, which is really important because our bodies are made up of DNA. It also helps to boost the mood, maintains a healthy digestive system, increases memory overall to avoid Alzheimer’s. Slow aging, build up the immune system, replenish skin, hair, and nails. So for women, very important. Protects against cancer including breast, colon, lung, and prostate cancer. As for deficiencies, low B12 levels can cause fatigue, weakness, memory loss, and other problems.

Easiest and Most Affordable Way to Boost Your B12 Levels

Since supplementing is very inexpensive, this is something you can always carry around on the go. I love them. I feel better taking vitamin B12 so I take four of them in the morning. I recommend every health professional to have these on hand because your patients will love them and they’ll keep buying them from you.

So again, I got this information from my book titled “Dr. Singletions Nutritional Reference Guide” and you can click here to log in to the Club Reduce website to print it off. You can also click here to discover more information on Vitamin B12. If you have any more questions, you can text or call me at 801-903-7141.