Weight Loss Starter Kit

This kit was formulated to help you achieve your health and wellness goals while losing weight at the same time. Each weight loss packet contains everything you need to naturally and effectively shed excess pounds and transition into better health! As an added benefit, these supplements will also increase your energy levels without affecting your metabolism or stressing the adrenal glands. For best results, this kit should be used in conjunction with a nutritional program and exercise routine.

Each Kit Contains:
Extra Strength Tonalin CLA
Appetite Appeaser and Suppressant (please view following page for Ingredient listing)
Green Coffee Bean Extract
Raspberry Ketones
7 Keto DHEA

  • Boosts energy/metabolism
  • Eliminates toxins that hinder weight loss
  • Appeases the appetite naturally
  • Breaks up fat within cells
  • Improves lean muscle
  • Increases fat-burning hormones
  • Converts food to energy
  • Eliminates belly fat
Suggested Use

Take one to two packets daily. Take one packet a half an hour before breakfast and the other a half an hour before lunch. One box will last 14-28 days.

Helpful Hint: If you’re looking to lose less than 20 pounds, take one packet daily before breakfast. If you want to lose more than 20 pounds, take two packets daily (before breakfast and lunch).

Sizes Available

1 box (28 Packets)

Active Ingredients

Appetite Appeaser and Suppressant
Tonalin CLA
Green Coffee Bean Extract
Gymnema (Leaf) Sylvestre
Raspberry Ketones
Hawthorn (Berry)
Gotu Kola Herb
7 Keto
Citrus Peel Extract
Burdock Root
Chickweed Herb
Licorice Root
Parsley Herb
Siberian Ginseng
Sweet Cinnamon
Extra Strength Tonalin


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