Quick Start 7-Day Cleanse

This 7-day body cleansing system allows you to achieve the same results as our traditional detoxification kit, but with simplified daily packets. Like the original, this new-and-improved system is formulated to help you rid your body

of the toxins that contribute to weight gain and poor health. For convenience, the kit contains easy-to-use herbal supplements and stick-pack beverages that make it easy for you to keep up with a busy lifestyle. When you are done with this 7-day cleanse, you’ll have more energy, a slimmer figure, a clearer complexion, and the confidence you need to move forward and continue making positive changes in your life!


Reduce cravings for junk food

Improve digestive health

Boost energy and vitality

Smooth and clarify the skin

Enhance mental clarity

Suggested Use

Take one Wellness Pack daily.

Sizes Available


Size Available: 1 box (14 Power-Cleansing Detox Packs and 14 Essential Greens) Price: $ _____


Active Ingredients

Power-Cleansing Detox Packs



Body Purifier/Intestinal Cleanser Combined Capsule

Clove (Seed) Powder Fennel (Seed) Powder Ginger (Root) Powder Licorice (Root)

Oregon Grape (Root) Yellow Dock (Root) Cascara Sagrada (Bark) Burdock (Seed)


Konjac Root

Burdock (Root)

Dandelion (Root) Powder Echinacea Purpurea (Root) Goldenseal (Root)

Red Clover Blossom Cayenne Fruit Powder Green Tea (Leaf )

Psyllium Hulls/Husks

Blessed Thistle Herb Milk Thistle Herb Yarrow Flowers Worm Wood (Leaf ) Garlic Powder Parsley (Leaf ) Burdock (Root)

Useful Information: Konjac Root, has the ability to delay it’s exit from the stomach. This causes one to feel more fulllonger.

Essential Greens (please view Essential Green Short Sheet for Ingredient listing)



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