Herbal Stress Relief

Solutions4 Herbal Stress Relief is an enhanced valerian root formula which acts as a natural and relaxing stress reliever. Valerian is a perennial plant found in New England and Europe. The root has been blended with hops flowers, chamomile flowers, and passion flowers in a synergistic formula. These ingredients have traditionally been used for relaxation.


Restore and maintain maximum performance and balance

Provide stress and anxiety relief without the use of drugs or chemicals

Assist the body with the ability to fall asleep without the use of drugs or chemicals

Suggested Use

Use as directed by your health care professional.

Sizes Available

90 Vegetable Based Capsules

Active Ingredients

Catnip Herb
Chamomile Flower
Hops Flower
Lavender Flower
Spearmint Leaf
Myrrh Gum
Valerian Root
Passion Flower


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