A growing body of scientific research indicates that astaxanthin has the ability to provide exceptionally powerful antioxidant protection to cells and has functional effects on muscle and nerve physiology. Comprehensive studies find astaxanthin to be ten times more effective than beta-carotene and many times more effective than vitamin E. Solutions4 Antioxidant contains Astaxanthin which is a polyunsaturated free radical quencher and part of a series of compounds, including beta-carotene included in the family of carotenoid antioxidants. These compounds add color to vegetables (red, orange, yellow) in which they occur naturally. This specific carotenoid also gives sea foods like salmon and shrimp their red coloration. Astaxanthin nutrients are the most potent antioxidants in all of nature, and have been proven to work longer than other antioxidants in protecting against photosensitized oxidation. It has been shown that dietary astaxanthin exerts anti-tumor activity through the enhancement of immune response.

  • Maintains heath and prevents disease
  • Protect from damage by free radicals
Suggested Use

2 capsules two times daily or as directed by your health care professional.

Sizes Available

60 Vegetable Based Capsules

Active Ingredients

ASTAXANTHIN – Has anti-inflammatory properties, stimulates the immune system, and has anti-cancer effects on human cells.  Also prevents oxidative damage to blood LDL-cholesterol.
ANGEL HAIR (MOZOKU)  A potent natural antioxidant.
GINKGO BILOBA – Helps ease digestion problems and stomach complaints.
BILBERRY FRUIT – Acts as an antioxidant that purifies the blood and can be used as a diuretic.
MILK THISTLE HERB – Helps relieve the symptoms of hepatitis, cirrhosis, and inflammatory liver conditions. It is one of the most effective herbs known for relieving liver disorders.
SELENIUM CHELATE – Is an important mineral with potent antioxidant properties.  Is important for protecting cells from the damaging effects of free radicals .
MOTHERWORT – Is a digestive bitter and as such encourages bile production, healthy digestion and reduces gas pains.
GREEN TEA EXTRACT – Inhibits fat-digesting lipase enzymes of the stomach and pancreas.  Excellent antioxidant properties.
RED RASPBERRY EXTRACT – A blood tonic and powerful antioxidant.
Other Ingredients: Vegetable Cellulose.


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