“Before getting married in November 2011 I was dying to lose about 10 pounds, so I could look amazing and feel great on my big day. My boss, Dr. Doug Meints recommended the 20-day rejuvenation program to help me reach this goal. I had previously witnessed several of Dr. Meints’ patients complete this program with great success so I thought, ‘What the heck? It’s worth a shot!’ To make a long story short, I LOVED this program, and dropped 13 pounds in 20 days! My wedding dress felt incredible, I looked amazing and never got so many compliments in my life! Everyone wanted to know what I did to lose the weight, and I told them all I owe it to Solutions4. The detox kit is amazing! I was scared to try it, thinking I’d be starving myself for 3 days; how could that be good for you? Instead, I was surprised to feel an increase in energy levels with no hunger pains whatsoever! The drink mixture tastes great. I tell people it tastes like lemon-tea, or if you’re heavier on the lemon juice, more like lemonade, which I love. The detox has become a staple in my personal quest for wellness, as I complete one every 3-4 months. I also have 3 family members in love with it, who do the same. I am probably one of the biggest Solutions4 fans there is, because I’ve seen the products work for many, many people, and have also experienced the benefits of these supplements myself. Thank you [Solutions4], your products have truly changed my life.”

-Kylie J. Lombardo